6 Must Have Pool Toys for This Summer


There is nothing more fun in the summer months than going out your back door and jumping into your own pool. No fighting the crowds, no wondering how clean the water is, just hours of fun in your own private oasis. While a pool alone can offer endless summer fun, when you want to shake things up and add some variety into the mix, here are 6 fun and unique pool toys that will do just that.

1. The Inflatable Water Shooting Float


County fairs offer some of the most fun memories of summer with their corn dogs, cotton candy, rides, and especially the carnival games. Imagine if you could enjoy these carnival games all summer long. The Inflatable Water Shooting Float offers just that, allowing you to experience the fun and nostalgia of a traditional carnival game within your own backyard, and while playing in the pool. Win win.

2. Giant Floating Swan


Are you looking for a fun way to lounge around in the pool all day, or a means to challenge your friends to a jousting match? The Giant Floating Swan has become a bit of a cult classic among pool owners, offering hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike. If a Giant Floating Swan isn’t your thing, there are even Giant Floating Flamingos available.

3. Giant Food Floats


Floating pool toys have come a long way from the days of simple pool rings and pool noodles. Nowadays, these fun floating toys are made to resemble a variety of different foods, from donuts, to Tootsie Rolls, and even a slice of pizza. This oversized floating food will no doubt become a talking point of summer barbecues.

4. Motorized Bumper Car Boats


One of the highlights of going to a fun center is riding the bumper boats. With these Motorized Bumper Car Boats, you no longer have to wait to visit the fun center to enjoy a spin around the water. Once word gets out, people in your neighborhood will be flocking to your house to play with your newest pool acquisition.

5. Underwater Skateboard


Anyone who enjoys skateboarding at the skatepark will love the Underwater Skateboard. This board allows you to skate underwater, enjoying your pool in a way you never thought possible while improving your balance and working your core at the same time.

6. See-Saw Rocker Inflatable Pool Toy


See-saws are one playground toy that will never go out of style. With the See-Saw Rocker Inflatable Pool Toy, you are able to add to the fun of the original toy with the introduction of water. Now, getting flipped off of the see-saw might become your favorite part as you land in your refreshing pool rather than the dirt of a playground.

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