Pool Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Professional

  Though the internet is saturated with “how-to” videos on everything under the sun, there are some things that are still best left to the professionals. Pool cleaning, though seemingly simple, is actually a very precise task that if ignored or performed incorrectly could become very costly to fix. Your pool is a valuable feature […]

Is a Pool Heater Worth the Expense?

It’s a common question—is a pool heater worth the expense? For some, the answer may be no. However, for the majority of people who choose to purchase a pool heater, it is more than worth it. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether or not a pool heater will work well […]

Pools Prove A Practical Investment

Summer is in full swing and it’s prime swimming pool season. While you’re probably aware that installing a swimming pool in your backyard is a considerable investment, did you also know that there are several practical benefits that make it well worth the cost? Here are three reasons that prove a pool to be a […]

26 Reasons to Choose Our Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Service

While there are many Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service companies to choose from, we have 26 reasons why you should choose ASP. A: Affordable- Our pricing structure is designed to fit any budget without breaking the bank B: Bigger Buying Power- As a national company, ASP’s bigger buying power allows us to pass the savings […]

Coastal Virginia Swimming Pool Pumps Require a Little TLC

Coastal Virginia swimming pool pumps are the heart of our pools, and as such, require a bit of tender loving care. Just as any piece of machinery that needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to continue running, swimming pool pumps require cleaning and regular maintenance in order to extend their life. Coastal Virginia […]