4 Pool Deck Designs That Are Making A Splash

With just weeks left in the summer, it’s time to start thinking of ways you can improve your pool and have it in tip-top shape for next season. Whether you’re interested in geometric shapes, shallow sunning shelves, water features,glass tiles, aggregate material liners, or creative lighting, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind pool is now easier than ever. With endless options in modern pool deck designs, you can give your entire space a fresh look that will have you hungry for pool-time year round.

Consider these four popular deck designs when brainstorming ways to give your pool area a personal touch.

  1. Material Mix Up


  2. One of the hottest looks in the pool industry is mixing and matching building materials. Instead of choosing an all-concrete deck, try to use more than just one material to blend your deck and your patio. Great combinations include a brick pool trim with redwood decking, rich composite decking with a smooth concrete border, gravel paths with a vintage lantern border, and much more. Talk to a pool builder or renovation expert to brainstorm ideas and discuss possible options.

  3. Combine Elements

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    By integrating your pool area with a well-designed patio, you can create a seamless, flowing space that’s ideal for relaxing and entertaining. Again, using creative combinations of elements gives your space a personal, unique touch that’s both inviting and soothing. Consider adding an attached firepit with built-in seating and a dining area to make your space family-friendly and ready for any activity. Install misters and fans over pool-side loungers to keep guests cool in the hot summer sun. Surround your pool deck with shrubberies, trees, and other natural elements to add privacy and bring nature directly to your poolside.

  5. Zone Out

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    If you’re not fond of the idea of creating one fluid entertainment space, create zones to separate spaces. Another popular design idea, zoning out your deck lets you create unique, individual areas that each serve a unique purpose. Consider establishing spaces like a grilling deck, a lounging area, a dining area, a sunbathing deck, etc., and use similar colors, fabrics, plants, and design features to tie your backyard look together.

  7. Pick Pavers

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    Opting for pavers instead of traditional wooden decking gives your pool a natural, sophisticated look that is both durable and affordable. Pavers, along with other chiseled surfaces and various shapes, give hardscaped areas a textured, vintage feel that’s easy to decorate. They also give you the ability to integrate surrounding decking, patios, landscaping and much more.

For more information on ways to spruce up your pool deck or for professional help designing and building your dream pool, contact ASP Coastal Virginia today.


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