Is a Pool Heater Worth the Expense?

It’s a common question—is a pool heater worth the expense? For some, the answer may be no. However, for the majority of people who choose to purchase a pool heater, it is more than worth it. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether or not a pool heater will work well for your needs.

Pro: A Pool Heater Lengthens Your Pool Season

Whether it’s early in the spring, or late in the fall, it’s likely you’ve experienced a day outside of the summer season when you wished you could take a dip in your pool. Choosing to purchase a pool heater can make this wish a possibility.

Pool heaters are excellent for doing the job they were intended to do—heating up the water in your pool. When the water in your pool is warm, it really doesn’t matter how cold the outside air is—you’ll be nice and comfortable in your pool. With the ability to heat your pool year-round if you choose, you get more use out of it every year, making it an even better investment for your property.

Pro: You Control the Temperature

With the purchase of a pool heater, you are able to maintain your ideal water temperature year-round. This is especially beneficial when the weather turns colder, but can also be a great feature during the summer months if you prefer your water to have more of a bathtub-like feel.

Pro: There Are Several Heater Options to Choose From

Prior to making the purchase, it’s likely you have an idea of what you expect from a pool heater, and how much you’re looking to spend. There are three main types of pool heaters available (gas, solar, and electric) making it possible to find the right heater to fit your needs regardless of your price point.

Gas heaters are the most efficient at heating your pool. However, they do tend to cost more to operate. Solar heaters cost almost nothing to operate and are an excellent option if you are concerned about the environmental impact your heater will have; however, a solar heater will only work on a sunny day. Electric heat pumps do tend to cost more upfront, but are very energy efficient, costing little more than a solar heater to operate.

Con: The Cost

Really, the only downside to purchasing a pool heater is the price and potentially the operational costs, depending on the type of heater you purchase. In the long run, the use of a pool heater more than pays for itself in the comfort it provides and the extra memories your family will be able to make in your backyard oasis.

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