Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Service Throws the Best Pool Parties

Coastal Virginia swimming pool covers are coming off, and swim season is officially in session. Since our pool cleaning company lives poolside, we have seen our fair share of amazing parties, and are here to give you a few ideas for throwing the pool party of the season! Here are some of our favorite pool party ideas:

  1. Take water sports to the next level by hosting a water Olympics! Volleyball and basketball are all fun, but the games can also include diving, racing laps, chicken, who can stay on their floatie the longest, and any others you can come up with. Keep it fun, and at the end host a closing ceremonies where the competitors received a variety of colored popsicles as their prize.
  2. Host a ‘dive in’ movie night. Encourage guests to bring their own floating lounge chair while they relax and watch the flick of the week. Beverages, snacks, and other menu items can be served in floating containers designed by tying pieces of pool noodle together and attaching them to the container holding snacks. Pass the popcorn, and let the movie begin!
  3. Plan a kid friendly party where each child is invited to create a sculpture entirely from pool noodles. After the sculptures are finished, head to the pool to see which one lasts longest in the water.
  4. Allow the force to be strong in your pool as you craft light sabers out of pool noodles and give one to each guest to join in the war against evil. Will Vader rise in your pool, or will the Jedi be able to hold their own?
  5. For an evening party, or even just a little ambiance, place glow sticks inside water balloons, and float them in the pool for a little bit of a romantic glow.

Who Says Pool Parties Can’t Get Creative?

Once the Coastal Virginia swimming pool covers are off, residents practically live in the water. While hosting pool parties is part of the fun of being a pool owner, the responsibility for the pool maintenance is not always so fun. If the task becomes too overwhelming to handle on your own, pass off the care of your pool to the professional ASP Coastal Virginia pool cleaning team. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained to solve pool related problems with both care and ease. If you love your pool. But hate maintaining it, make a call to ASP Coastal Virginia today!

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