How Does a Coastal Virginia Pool Service Stay Busy Year Round?

While most people think Coastal Virginia pool maintenance is a seasonal job, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Proper pool maintenance is a year round responsibility, one that more and more pool owners are entrusting to a professional service like ASP. So how does the ASP Coastal Virginia pool service team stay busy throughout the  year? Here is a sneak peak.


As pool owners in the area rev up for swim season, the ASP Coastal Virginia pool maintenance team is busily opening pools for the season. This process includes removing the cover and inspecting the water quality, adding chemicals to help sanitize the water and clear any algae build. Our teams also carefully inspect pool equipment, and discuss pool safety with the owner.


Let the pool party begin! Our Coastal Virginia pool service team can be found poolside nearly every day during the season. During our weekly maintenance visits, we will ensure the water is clean and sanitary, discuss the need for perimeter fences and other safety equipment, and install safety equipment, pumps, vacuums and automatic pool cleaners on an as needed basis.


When the kids go back to school and the weather begins to cool is another busy time for our maintenance team. At the end of our busy season, we begin to close pools for the off season by replacing covers, adding a few chemicals and sanitizers to prevent algae growth while it is closed, and inspecting the pool cover and other equipment to ensure they are in proper working order.


Winter is a great season for construction. Our customers who have been dreaming of redesigning their pool often do it during the winter so it will be ready by summer. Our maintenance teams also make the rounds to their customers needing indoor pools services, and continue to discuss the need for safety equipment with each pool owner on their route.

Coastal Virginia Pool Maintenance Is Not Just for Summer

Pool maintenance is an essential part of being a pool owner. If it becomes an overwhelming task to keep up with on your own, consider hiring a professional pool company like ASP. Our trained technicians can answer all your questions about pool care, and help your pool be the best it can be.

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