ASP Debunks Myths About Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Services

coastal virginia pool cleaning


When it comes to caring for your swimming pool, there are common myths that swimming pool technicians often hear. Our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service compiled the most common myths, and is ready to set the record straight.


MYTH: Professional pool cleaning services are expensive

ASP Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service is designed to meet the needs of your pool without breaking the bank. We work with each customer to develop a customized cleaning and maintenance plan with consistent monthly payments. All plans include chemicals, and ensure you are getting the most out of your valuable pool investment.


MYTH: Professional companies will lock me into a contract

ASP was founded on the principle of providing a higher quality pool service and to raise the standards on the swimming pool industry. Because of this concept, we value our relationships with our customers and rely on building those to retain our customers. ASP does not require contracts for  your personalized pool service plan.


MYTH: Pool cleaning companies can only clean your pool, and can not help with safety equipment and other pool needs.

ASP is more than a pool cleaning and maintenance company. We also offer services that include pool repair, renovations or complete remodels, installation of safety equipment, diagnostics, and advice on Coastal Virginia swimming pool covers.


MYTH: Household cleaners (baking soda) are good pool cleaners.

Many pool owners think that adding baking soda to the pool water will increase the water’s pH levels. This common misconception is trying to replace soda ash which has an entirely different chemical makeup. Using baking soda may cause structural damage to the pool.


Don’t make these mistakes in caring for your swimming pool. ASP Coastal Virginia pool cleaning services will ensure your pool is performing at its best! For more information and pool cleaning tips, contact ASP today!

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