All Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Services Are Not the Same

coastal virginia pool cleaning services

Swimming season should be a time to relax and enjoy your pool, not stress over the cleaning and balancing of chemicals. This is the reason why so many pool cleaning companies have started to emerged throughout Coastal Virginia. But, these companies are not all equal.

Veteran Owned

Bill Schlemmer, owner and operator of the ASP Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service is a retired Navy officer and knew he wanted to be a businessman. After working long hours with Amazon that took him away from his family too much, he was presented with the pool cleaning business opportunity and knew it was a good fit for him. Schlemmer opened the doors of his new business in March 2015 and has received tremendous amounts of support from the community.

What Sets us Apart?

When we polled pool owners in the area, 99% of them told us they were very dissatisfied their current pool cleaning service. The top three complaints were that the companies didn’t answer their phones, didn’t return calls, and were inconsistent with their billing cycles.

Coming from a military background, Schlemmer is used to routine and will run his business like clockwork. No more unanswered calls, and on the off chance you do get our voicemail, he promises to call back in a reasonable time frame. ASP billing cycles occur on the same day every month, so that pool owners who utilize our service will know exactly what to expect with their bill.

Aside from solving pool owners biggest complaints about their current pool company, ASP also offers a level of reliable service that is unheard of in the industry. We do what we say when we say we will do it. Each pool owner will receive a personalized email after each service detailing what actions were performed by the technician, results of any tests performed, recommendations for the future, and a picture of their swimming pool.

Services Provided

Our team handles everything from Coastal Virginia swimming pool pumps to regular cleaning  schedules, installation of safety equipment and more. Basically, other than building the pool, we can help with all other swimming pool issues that arise. When you are ready for a swimming pool service pool company you can count on, call ASP Coastal Virginia pool cleaning services today.

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