Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Company’s Favorite Pool Safety Apps

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When it comes to the swimming pool, nothing is more important than keeping your child safe in and around the water. Our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning company consults with pool owners who have young families to help determine the best safety actions to take to protect their families around the pool. Each year over 400 children are killed from accidental drownings, and another 5,400 are injured while in the swimming pool. Working together to determine safe and effective solutions for little ones around the pool will help to reduce this number.

One of the best ways to prevent drowning is by using Coastal Virginia swimming pool covers. These covers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are not limited to off season usage. Even with a fence around your pool’s perimeter, having a pool cover securely in place when the pool is not in use is an added level of security and prevents people from falling in.


Pool Safety Apps

Since we now have apps for everything, our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning company wants to introduce you to some of our favorite pool safety apps.


  • Iswimband: This wearable monitor when placed on a child alerts your smart device when that child, who cannot swim, enters the water. This app also allows you to set time limits for how long a child can be submerged in the water before it’s cause for concern.
  • Pool Safely: This government sponsored website promotes pool safety for children, and developed an interactive game with characters named Splish and Splash. In the game, children are able to pick out the characters’ unsafe pool behaviors before moving on to the next challenge. This helps children understand the dangers that come with being in and around the swimming pool.
  • Swim Safe App: Similar to the iswimband, the child’s harness relays a child’s vitals to a parent’s smart device to ensure safety. All children wearing the harness can be seen by anyone on the app so if there is a child in danger near you, they have a better chance of survival.


While these are just a few of our favorites app options, there are many more safety apps out there. For those pool owners who also have young family members, let our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning company work with you to determine the best action plan for pool safety. Whether it be by using Coastal Virginia pool covers or more high-tech safety devices, our team can help you keep your loved ones safe in and around the pool.

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