Coastal Virginia Pool Cleaning Service Offers Pool Safety Tips for Kids

coastal virginia pool cleaning service


Swimming season is quickly approaching, and while some people look forward to relaxing in their pools, others are a little more apprehensive about keeping their younger swimmers safe in and around the water. For these families, our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service has compiled a few ways to make your pool a safer place.


1. Emergency Essentials Should be Kept Nearby —

In the event of an accident or emergency, supplies like throw ropes, rescue tubes, and first aid supplies should be kept in close proximity to the pool for easy access. Those who are old enough to recognize the signs or drowning should be trained and know how to use rescue supplies in the case of an emergency. Our Coastal Virginia pool cleaning service team is trained to work with the pool owner to develop a safety plan for their family.

2. Install a Fence Around the Perimeter —

We recommend a fence that goes along the entire perimeter of your pool with self closing and self latching gate features. This ensures little fingers are not able to open the gate by themselves and prevents access to the pool without an adult. Fences come in a variety of materials, and some have the option of an alarm on the gate.

3. Install Safety Features —

Even if they interfere with the aesthetics of the pool, items like handrails are meant increased safety, and prevent slipping when stepping down into a pool.

4. Cover the Pool–

While pool covers are often thought to be an off-season pool accessory, they can also be used in the summer as a safeguard to prevent accidental drownings. Pool covers should fit tightly over the pool and can be opened or closed automatically with the flip of a switch.


As the premier Coastal Virginia pool repair company, it is our desire to help make swimming season a happy, safe, and fun one for each family or commercial pool we service. For more information about how to make your pool a safe place for little swimmers, call us today!

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