Coastal Virginia Pool Service Awarded for Best New Start Among ASP Franchises

Coastal Virginia Pool Service


ASP owners gathered together for our annual owners meeting, but this year was unlike any other. Rather than only recognizing the franchisee of the year, the company decided to also recognize franchises with the highest gross sales amounts for their commitment and hard work.


Our Coastal Virginia pool maintenance franchise is pleased to have been present at the meeting to accept the ‘best new start’ award for the 2015 fiscal year. This means that of all the ASP franchise locations that began in 2015, we had the highest gross sales amount. We are excited for the growth and challenges we have faced in our first year, and look forward to continuing to expand and develop as we serve our area pools.


CEO and Founder of ASP, Stewart Vernon, spoke at the meeting about seven habits that highly effective pool maintenance company owners possess; one of which was synergy. In the pool business, synergy means building a good, reliable team and playing to each other’s strengths to improve. Upon presenting this award to owner Bill Schlemmer, Vernon stated that the Coastal Virginia team not only believe in synergy, but have applied it to growing their franchise.


The Coastal Virginia pool maintenance franchise opened our doors in March of 2015. After months of planning, analyzing and training, Schlemmer was prepared to face any pool challenge that came his way. He is a retired Navy officer who knew he wanted to be in business when he retired from military service. After working for internet giant, Amazon, he found the position pulled him away from family too much and resigned. The Coastal Virginia pool service opportunity was pitched to him at that time. His business has had great support from the community as a veteran owned company and plans on raising the bar on the service provided in the swimming pool industry.


We believe Coastal Virginia pool service should cater to the needs of each specific pool. We work with homeowners to develop a maintenance plans that fits both their needs and their budget, and allows them to enjoy their pool more and clean it less. If you are a pool owner who is ready for a higher quality pool service, call ASP Coastal Virginia pool service today!

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